Holiday in Berlin

Last week, I went on a small holiday to Berlin, Germany with my girlfriend. Originally, we didn’t plan on going anywhere for our summer holidays, but my girlfriend must have had a spontaneous idea as she surprised me one day with a note on my desk which contained a proposal to travel to Berlin. Since I hadn’t been to Berlin for almost a decade, I gladly accepted and soon after, she ordered our journey.

Since we wanted to save as much money as possible, we decided to travel by bus rather than flying and it wasn’t just an ordinary bus, but a night bus that would take over 8 hours. Travelling by bus at night was both fun and nightmarish at the same time. I stand over 6″1′ tall and I have unusually long legs for my height, so naturally, they were cramped for the duration of the entire journey. Regardless of the aforementioned problem, it was still a fun experience and a nice break from flying which I mostly do whenever I travel.

Almost 9 hours later, we arrived in Berlin. Since we couldn’t check into our hotel until late afternoon, we decided to go out for some breakfast followed by a stroll through the local streets of Berlin. After a nice meal and about an hour of walking along the river of Spree, we ended up in a park known as Pleasure Palace (Lustgarten in German) which bordered with the huge and majestic Berlin Cathedral. There was a lot of activity in the area with street musicians playing classical music and tourists looking around and visiting the cathedral. berlin-184xb


Along the way, we met some very athletic guys who showed off their parkour skills as they performed with a neverending list of sommersaults and spinning handstands, so it was only natural that my camera was out of the bag.


Not everyone was as active though…


As the afternoon approached, we finally checked in at the Park Inn hotel in Alexanderplatz. If it hadn’t been for the spectacular view of the city from our 18th floor room, we would have immediately collapsed on our beds as a result of the bus trip taking its toll on our sleep. Later that night, we went out to see some more of the city, including Hackescher Markt and the Berlin TV Tower which neighbored our hotel.


The following day was mostly spent on shopping, as well as seeing the Brandenburg Gate and walking through Savignyplatz.


As night fell, we got silly on ideas and started taking double exposure photos of each other.



Even though it was past midnight, we decided to go out for a late night city walk, including a revisit to Potsdamer Platz which went from being overcrowded with tourists and their selfie sticks to a desolate ghost town with barely any activity whatsoever.



Our final day in Berlin consisted of some revisits of the local areas followed by some minor shopping as well as visiting Potsdamer Platz and the Berlin Wall Memorial. I also spent a lot of time recording video as I felt I needed to take a break from photography, although it didn’t stop me entirely!


Nightfall arrived and the journey was already about to end. The journey home was even harder as I barely got any sleep. As we crossed the Baltic Sea, my sore eyes were in for a treat as an amazing sunrise had risen above the ocean.


In case you want to see more photos from the trip, I’ve shared a bunch more on my Instagram which you can find here:

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